Taking A Hit

Have you driven a Ford lately? Not many joes and jills have, by the looks of it. Thanks to a restructure of the company and SUV sales that are sinking like a federal witness wearing cement shoes in the Hudson River, the auto giant took a $12.6 billion hit in ’06. It’s the biggest loss in their 103-year history. Ford Motor Company is bleeding green right now, jack, and the owners figure that it’ll take a year or two before that stops. Ford 2007is not a pretty sight.

No matter how big-time you get, you can always face hard times, baby. Car wrecks, illness and job layoffs happen all the time to all the people. That’s why you need anemergency fund. You also need to mind your Ps and Qs when it comes to the dough, so learning how to make a budget should be tops on your list. Make it happen. Listen to The Dave Ramsey Show for more.

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