Spaced out

Ever been this close to a dream come true, and it didn’t happen? That’s what happened to Brian Emmett, who wanted to do some space travel. He wins a contest and gets a chance to sleep amongst the stars, see? Then Uncle Sam pulls him back down to earth. Seems thespace travel trip would have cost him 138 grand, and the IRS counts that as taxable income, which means he’d have to pay $25,000 in taxes. So, rather than go 25Gs into debt so he could pull 5 Gs in space, Emmett decided to forfeit the trip.

It was a tough choice to make, but he did the right thing. Think of it this way, ladies and germs; the space trip would have taken a week of his life, the IRS would take the rest.

Never get so crazy about having something that you make debt or trouble to get it. It’s much better to get out of debt than to go into it. If you learn how to make a budgetand save some dough, then one day you can pay for a space trip with cash. They don’t talk about space much on The Dave Ramsey Show, but they do about money. Listen in.

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