Paris’ things, well … some Paris Hilton heiress gear is being sold off on an auction web site. Don’t get me wrong; old PH isn’t strapped for cash. Some of her things found their way, legally, into the hands of a broker looking to make a quick buck. Before you know it, you got a gallery of Paris Hilton for sale.

You know there are some joes and jills out there who will be looking to own a piece of Paris because they’re looking to give their ego a boost. ‘Look at me, I’m important … I’ve got a fridge magnet with a picture of a ditzy blonde.’ Here’s a news flash, jack; if you get out of debt andinvest smart, you can have all the dough of a Paris Hilton and all the peace of mind that your brain box can handle. That’s what Dave talks about on The Dave Ramsey Show. Tune in and listen up, baby.

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