Extra benefits

Running back Reggie Bush might have some explaining to do. The New Orleans star RB is the subject of an investigation to find out if he and his family received about 280 grand in cash, gifts and benefits while he was toting the pigskin at Southern Cal. From the sound of it, Bush should head for the mountains.

Here’s my question: If all this jazz turns out to be true, why would Bush put himself anywhere near this position? You’re gonna be a millionaire anyway, and you’re high-profile enough as it is. Why get involved in all this junk and risk it, along with a national title and a Heisman to boot? Makes about as much sense as … well, … it doesn’t make much at all.

Stick to doing things on the up-and-up. Be patient and honest when it comes to making dough. Once you do, use it to pay off debt, then make sure to invest smart. And never pass up the chance to give money to people who are down on their luck. Give what you got, and you’ll never want. Got that from The Dave Ramsey Show.

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