Expensive home

pictures_of_very_expensive_homesYou heard of being house-poor? Well, here’s house-rich for you. Some London apartment is going for 335,000 bucks … and it’s only 77 square feet. Not a misprint, ladies and germs. This apartment in London costs over $4,300 a square foot, but it’s not big enough to park a couple of cars in. That’s where location, location, location comes into play, baby. The flat is smack dab in the middle of one of England’s pricey neighborhoods, so it’s got a price tag to match.

I’ll tell you this … never get so crazy over some house that you buy more than you can afford. Quit worrying about the Joneses being impressed with your digs, or your wheels, or your threads, or any of that other jazz. Don’t go crazy-ape so much about looking rich that you forget what it takes to retire rich. Make some dough by learninghow to make a budget, so you can pay off your consumer debt; then invest smartin mutual funds. Learned that one on The Dave Ramsey Show.

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