Steps for Effectively Starting a Business

Entrepreneurship is a gift and a skill not everybody wants to linger on. But having a business is a secure way to go if you are getting tired of the … Continue Reading →

Spaced out

Ever been this close to a dream come true, and it didn’t happen? That’s what happened to Brian Emmett, who wanted to do some space travel. He wins a contest … Continue Reading →

Paris’ things

Well, well … some Paris Hilton heiress gear is being sold off on an auction web site. Don’t get me wrong; old PH isn’t strapped for cash. Some of her … Continue Reading →

Case of the Suicidal Sister

I decided to head downtown for a day. Reminds me of home. Every now and then I miss Chicago’s South Side; my old stomping ground. I like to get a … Continue Reading →

Extra benefits

Running back Reggie Bush might have some explaining to do. The New Orleans star RB is the subject of an investigation to find out if he and his family received … Continue Reading →

Case of the Credit Card Spending Spree

I strode on out of the theater, that last scene from Casablanca still fresh in the ole noggin. Bogart and Bergman make the perfect couple. More than what I can … Continue Reading →


This is where it all happens, bub. Here is where I write about the people who are lucky enough to meet me right before they make a stupid money decision. … Continue Reading →

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Behold, joes and jills … the next great way to waste money and time. A new thing has been set up on the Internet, where you can borrow money from … Continue Reading →

Case of the Careless Credit Counseling Customer

I was out in the rough part of town. By rough, I mean I was hanging around the check cashing and payday loan places. When you’re fighting the debt machine, … Continue Reading →

Expensive home

You heard of being house-poor? Well, here’s house-rich for you. Some London apartment is going for 335,000 bucks … and it’s only 77 square feet. Not a misprint, ladies and … Continue Reading →