pic_gold_card_memberConsider yourself lucky that you found this Web site, baby. Welcome to DEBTective.com. As you might have guessed, I’m the man himself; I’m the DEBTective. Just want to give you the quick rundown on what you’ll find here, and how we do things.

I like to tell stories, jack. Stories of how I help keep people from getting in over their heads with too much debt. Here on this site, you’ll find some pretty amazing tales of how I did it with the help of Dave Ramsey. By the way, after you read a story and want to tell me how I did a great job, don’t bother; I know I did a great job. I was there.

I also have a blog on this site. I keep up with what’s going on with money in the world, so when the big-time stories come up, if it’s one dollar or one billion dollars, I’m puttin’ in my two cents. If you wanna put in yours, feel free.

Glad you came. Now read some stories and learn, before you find yourself in money trouble!

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